Status is not updated when sending change order

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Status is not updated when sending change order

Beitrag von Susan (ForumUser / 3 / 0 / 0 ) » 07.01.2003 10:01

If we send a change order from EBP to SUS, the status of the order will be not updated in SUS. It remains in status 'accepted'. Did anyone experience the same difficulties? Could someone advise? thanks.

Best regards,

Status concept for CRM SUS One Order

Beitrag von Tim (ForumUser / 91 / 0 / 0 ) » 07.01.2003 10:34

to make your status work you should check the status concept CRM SUS One Order (CRMSUS_O). Therefore you need to call the transaction CRMBS02 and check status schema CRMSUS_O. In the row 'Lowest status no.' the number for each customer status should be as low as the initial status, otherwise it is not possible for the system to reset the status (in your example' from 'accepted' to 'new' or 'changed'. So, for example the Lowest status no. for status 'new' is '10', then for status 'changed' or status 'In process' should be also '10' so that you could go back to 'new'.

If this is not the solution, you should examine the IDOC within transaction bd87 to find out, which status were delivered within your changeorder.

I hope I could have helped you.


Beitrag von Susan (ForumUser / 3 / 0 / 0 ) » 07.01.2003 12:45
Hi Tim,

I checked this out and it works fine now! Great! Thanks a lot for your help.

Best Regards,

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