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customer create

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Hi All,
I wam trying to create customer using XD01 transaction.I really dont have any idea as to which fields should I need to give values to.Please guide rerading this.And also suggest me as I want to try these records for the transactions for vendor create,employee create,

Any help is appreciated......

Thanks alot,

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hi sam,

this is not that easy, as many fields depend on customizing (in customizing it's adjustable wheter a field is mandatory or not).
First of all, the account group determines, wheter you can give a customer number by yourself, or if the system will do this automatically (automatic numbering). This is adjustable in customizing ( financial accounting -> accounts receivable and account payable -> customer accounts -> master data -> preparations for creating customer master data -> define account groups with screen layout.
and point:
assign customer account group to number range (in the number range you define wheter automatically numbering or manually).

In above mentioned customizing it's also possible to maintain fieldstatus to define wheter a field should be required or not. This should help you further to figure out, which field you need to fill in order to create a customer.


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